#3 What The ‘About’ Page Is For

The ‘About’ page is the place to address any questions about this blog and how it works.

You will note the About page sketches the blog’s theme and indicates the other sites online it is related to. It isn’t necessary to visit any of these; one can simply read a posting or leave a comment, and leave things at that. But for those interested in human experience enough to explore it further, having other links enriches this. And that achieves the blog’s aim of encouraging interaction, instead of letting things never rise above the level of focusing on an isolated posting in an isolated one-by-one fashion.

By connecting links outside the specific content of a given posting — and also incorporating photos, sound files, videos, literary allusions or whatever, interspersing the mix with tasks that bring forth personal recollections, thought experiments, and attendant feelings associated with these — the whole endeavor becomes an experience-based undertaking from start to finish.

To skip the experiential aspects of this venture and leave it out completely, by trying to simply “grasp the point” of things or “get the idea” of them is exactly like entering a restaurant without bothering to sit down, asking to look over a menu while standing at the receiving station, and trying to “eat the menu instead of the meal.” To do that is to end up with what the man did of whom Goethe said, “He read all the words but missed the book.”

Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

Image via Wikipedia

English: signature of Johann Wolfgang von Goet...

Image via Wikipedia

So, please take a minute to locate this special segment on the About page once it appears.

*     *     *

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