#6 To Arrive At Something New

"To Arrive At Something New"

Making Your Way On To Anything New

Can you move further on by staying where you are? Are you likely to reach something new by searching in the familiar places and company of those who join in believing and behaving as you do? Should you perhaps start to search elsewhere . . . or at least in some significantly different way? And more important than these questions is this one: How, among the infinite number of ways there are of seeking, do you expect to be able to pick out the fruitful and most promising ones? There is only one clue I have and trust enough to pass along to anyone else: Look for someone who out-humans you – that can thus make your life bigger and turn it into something it never was before.

There are such furthering souls as these out there to be met. They already know what the basics are — such as what true friendship is, or how love is actually exchanged, and what life day in and day out really consists of — and you can tell right off that they live by these things because, of course, it shows. That is why, though neither they nor any human being can simply hand these to you, they can, if you’re willing to move, enable you to find your way on to all of them yourself.

If you are fortunate enough to come across a few such people and have this happen, they themselves may never even know they did this for you – (for most of us let just such deeply personal matters as this go unsaid) – but you will know and never forget either it or them. Were they to somehow learn this later, they’d likely simply give a little smile, turn, and be on their way. And isn’t this just the way it goes with love? Unfolding somewhere in its quickening way, unexpectedly showing itself here or there as it arises in a specific someone and something, a real piece of life and the world becoming better . . . ever growing itself into more of what it is, and then going its way . . . as it’s doing in places out there right now, just as it will be tomorrow, and keep on doing ever thereafter?

But all this can arise in one place only: in the “land of the living,” . . . there in those souls out there still seeking to arrive at something somewhere that is new.


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  1. jjhiii24
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 18:49:30


    It’s wonderful to see your posting here today. I just logged out of an online forum discussing human consciousness as it relates to artificial intelligence, and actually spent a few moments reading your very interesting thoughts here.

    All of the parts of being alive are important if we are to achieve even a degree of wholeness as a person, and I know I have been the benefactor of humans who demonstrated what was important and who, by living those things, helped me to achieve new directions and make progress as a person.

    Even though I was nervous about holding up my end with some very smart people, your astute observation that we must “search elsewhere” or at least, “in a different way.” really hits the mark!

    I have been reasonably productive on my blog since we last spoke, and hope to continue for some time, if not in the same direction, at least in the same place for now.

    Warm regards…..John H.


    • plainsmann
      Mar 04, 2013 @ 09:50:15


      How marvelous to find this splendid reply of yours to the blog’s latest posting! Your writing, whether in your fine blog articles or down to your brief comments, is always most considerate, thoroughly reasoned, and set forth in a refined and even polished fashion. It has to reflect how a good bit of your life is lived.

      You will recall, I hope, that I left you way back down the path as my blog was just starting (about a year ago), knowing that it would take me a long time to make my way up to wherever you and your readers had since come to. This, to be sure, is exactly what I did. But along about three-fourths of the journey, I came to the distinct — (and perhaps very mistaken impression) — that whatever was happening in your life at that moment had to be at least as significant as the transformational event you often referenced in several of your earlier articles.

      Even if I were way wide of the mark in thinking this, the possibility of it remotely being the case led me to the conclusion that the best thing for me to do was not to intrude at all on whatever was unfolding — and that anyone with your enormous ability and obvious gifts would handle one of life’s turning points in the way that was undoubtedly best for him. Even if I’m totally mistaken, I know anyone as discerning as yourself will fully understand that all this shows the great respect and regard I have for you. (By the way, I’ve followed, and profitably read, every one of your postings since reaching the point I mentioned.)

      Relishing this renewed contact and the prospect of continuing our rich exchanges,



      • jjhiii24
        Mar 20, 2013 @ 00:20:48


        You are right on the mark. Recent events in my personal life have impacted me in an extraordinary way. I know I am still trying to sift through it all, and in spite of your very generous assessment of my gifts, these recent events have humbled me, and also have wreaked havoc on the level of readership in my blog. I’m not sure if it is just a coincidence or if my writing has suffered as a result of the turmoil that I’m experiencing, but your response here is a gift of great kindness for which I am very grateful.

        I would be glad to receive a personal message from you in my email if you have an opportunity:


        Also looking forward to our continuing conversation.

        Warm regards…….John H.

      • plainsmann
        Mar 21, 2013 @ 00:17:43

        Hello, John, my friend ~ So very glad to receive your note. The hour is late, but your response is most timely — as you will see when I respond, as you suggest, with an email at length early in the morning. The timing could not be more fortuitous. So very glad to see our most worthwhile exchanges will not be lost or even disrupted. The essentials are undisturbed, the framework of our communicating is still intact, and life goes on.

        Until the morning then, and with continuing best wishes,


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