This site and its blog investigate and explore human experience. It is the one place online that connects all aspects of my life’s work spent delving into this immense yet little-known subject. If, as Dr. Spock of Star Trek says, space is “the final frontier,” then surely our experience is the only means we have of ever understanding it. Of all the realities there are, the four greatest I know are: God, the universe, life, and human experience — and the significance of the last one is that for all human beings, the first three can be known only through it.

From here, with just a click of the mouse or touch of the screen, one can immediately bring up my home website at the Authors Guild in NY,  or the four blogs I have at WordPress, the shelves of my cataloged home library at LibraryThing, or the two new  domains currently under construction (scheduled for opening in late summer of 2012) at Yahoo. Among these can also be found the links to both my Timeline and Photobiography on Facebook, as well as my profiles on YouTube, Google, and Twitter,

All of these are stand-alone sites, each with its own special features. But since they can all be reached from here, this is the Grand Central Station and the blog is its main train. Each posting adds another car to the train. By moving from car to car, one could see and actually traverse the whole train.

Undoubtedly, some will only jump on board while the train sits in some station, just for a quick look around before they jump off again. But its those who actually ride the train a ways that will ever arrive at some new destination.

All Aboard!

English: Grand Central Station, Houston, 1913 ...

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  1. Miera Robin Gans
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 18:53:28

    All aboard?! Well, Im not sure if being on the train is any better than the one who is waiting anxiously for their loved one to get off the train! Nonetheless its all about the ride. Im hoping to experience more of myself as i ponder your depth and allow it to quench my thirst for depth. So for now, I wave as we stand in different cars headed for the same destination<3


  2. plainsmann
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 19:34:22

    Well, welcome aboard! I can’t foresee what this train trip will hold (for life is equally real wherever it is found, and in anyone you find it, regardless of age or size). But I imagine more of it is accessible to those who ardently seek to open themselves to it; and by doing that and bringing yourself here, you’ve enriched this venture already, for whatever it brings. My sincere thanks to you for what you’ve added to this occasion. As for any depth, however — particularly my own — I don’t profess to be able to see or know anything about that. What I am well aware of, though, is that a concern with all it involves churned my soul for years until it finally found its way into words: “O holy One, move us out of the shallowness of the already known, into the great depths of the yet to be known; that there where you live and move and have your being, we too may ever find our own — and follow in the way, the truth, and the life.” I continue to pray this still. May I ask what name you most prefer to be addressed by? Mine is Gene. Not only have you “made my day,” you’ve also started my year. Best to you in yours as it unfolds.



  3. Miera Robin Gans
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 20:49:39

    please call me Miera …. one who shares her light with others ….


  4. Miera Robin Gans
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 20:55:44

    one of my most favorite sayings that i love so much & just had to paint on my wall at home…. goes like this…. “when nothing is sure , everything is possible” which has a fiber of similar truth as the fine prose of your holy prayer does.
    PS/ you know me as Paul’s beloved friend.


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